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Throughout these advancements, one thing remained the same all of the calendars featured professional female models; the average young woman had no chance to become new model pics. Men asked if female pics of young women could be added to the calendar. They decided that since the cars on the calendar had won contests for their spots, the criteria should be the same for the black models. The worlds first and only ebony models search, where ordinary african american models could compete for spots on the nationally acclaimed calendar was born. The ebony pics model search, which began as countrywide contests, comprising entrants, has grown to include worldwide competitions. Contestants are attractive, personable, intelligent and in excellent shape. The winners advance through a series of contests, until reaching the finals, at the black pics festival. The ideal self evolves gradually through experience to be an adequate person, possesses a self image, which she has won, and can sustain. The dimensions of self include one's perception of her strengths and weaknesses, her abilities and status, her physical self, the social self and the ideal self. An adequate person thinks well of herself and others and does not behave in ways likely to be harmful or injurious to others. He has a realistic perception of the world and african american pics. Shee develops a self understanding based on experiences, is flexible in his behavior and has the ability to live in the world.

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