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The use of calendars for commercial purposes is not a new idea. In fact, blonde bikini model pics calendars have been employed for promotional purposes since the 1700s, when they were a product of swimsuit models enterprise. Some of the early calendars, although crude, featured paintings and later photos of beautiful blonde women. However, all of the blonde pics on the calendars were professional blonde models, whom the photographers and companies producing the calendars chose. We recognized this phenomenon and decided to create a contest in which the average blond woman could compete for the twelve coveted photo spots on the calendar. Thus, the blonde swimsuit search? was born. The term bikini pics search?, and the actual bikini festival? have since become registered trademarks, making them the only ones of their kind. The first victorian calendars were illustrated with impeccably dressed women illustrating the accepted standards of the times. The first attempt at a glamour calendar occurred  when the celebrated artist painting,  was placed on a special calendar. Unfortunately, the painting of beautiful swimsuit pics bathing in the early morning hours in a lake was considered to be too outgoing the times.

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