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Emotion continues to play in love relationships, many hot black girls lose touch with such emotions. This isn't surprising in a culture that views emotion as problematic. For centuries, cultural and religious institutions denigrated emotion. Hot african american girls were encouraged to think, rather than feel. Though this disregard for emotion has evolved in accordance with our understanding of brain function, preference for thought over feeling prevails as the cultural norm. Many hot black women look to control their emotions, rather than experience them.  Painful and confusing emotional communication leads sexy african american women to substitute less offensive, more intellectual secondary emotions in love relationships.  How do we go from experiencing sadness, anger, fear and joy to an emotionally barren existence?  What choices limit emotional intelligence? As we mature, so does the ability to distance ourselves from sexy black ladies. With the abilities  to speak, plan and fantasize come intellectual control. Intention provides us with the means to displace, distort and stifle emotions if our first hot black ladies relationships failed to set in place the desired nonverbal communication skills. To cope with unregulated emotion, secondary  responses are developed that include distracting ourselves with obsessive thoughts and behaviors that elicit  controllable emotions. We may fabricate an elaborate fantasy life that distracts us from feeling sexy african american girls. Or, we may engage in distracting compulsive and  addictive behaviors to absorb our attention.  Sticking with an emotion that is bearable and unwavering consistently angry or constantly clowning may seem emotionally intense, but such feelings are  typically out of sync with reality. Sexy black girls who are always kidding around may be covering up feelings of fear or insecurity. Sexy black women who is always angry or sarcastic may be deeply hurting  beneath the hostile front.  Hot african american women with overwhelming feelings of anger or sadness may cope by numbing themselves emotionally.

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