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It takes more than hot blondes to create safe, secure, exciting love relationships. It takes the ability to accurately pick up and send nonverbal cues that attract and hold the attention of redhead women. Too often the signals we send are not those we intend to send. When this happens, both connection and trust are lost in our sexy blondes. What is the language of nonverbal communication in intimate relationships? Answers to these questions are expressed in the way we talk, listen, look, move and react. These elements will produce a sense of trust, excitement and desire for closeness or they will generate fear, confusion, distrust and disinterest. Verbal cues that redhead girls send us. The following devices capture us in real time. To the degree that we can slow the visual devices down when we watch blonde women or view them. But whatever we capture, the process itself makes us more aware of sending and receiving nonverbal communication provided that we don’t bring self criticism to the task. Criticism blocks learning while play supports it, so have fun!  The age of electrical and digital gadgetry affords opportunities to see and hear ourselves as sexy redheads see and hear us. It also affords the opportunity to view our experience at picking up the blonde girls.  Is this source of contact missing, too intense or just right?
facial expression universal facial expressions signify anger, fear, sadness, joy and disgust. What is the face we show hot redheads? Is it mask like and unexpressive, or emotionally intense and filled with interest.

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